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Creativity unique to you

I have always been interested in developing an understanding of the people for whom I am designing products or services. It helps me question the problem, the assumptions, and the implications. It's extremely useful in tackling problems, re-framing it in human-centric ways, seeking out as many ideas as possible in brainstorming sessions, then rolling up my sleeves and prototyping and testing. I am ultimately interested in providing a solution-based approach to complex business problems.

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Effective visual communications

I’m an award-winning Creative Director with 20+ years experience spanning a host of industries; from high-tech to gas and electric utilities. I believe that brand-building is about honest, insight-driven communications and user-centric experiences. I’m particularly excited by what’s possible when I collaborate with clients in the process of design thinking, then executing creative solutions through truthful storytelling complemented by striking, thoughtful visuals.

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