A portfolio of my work

Creative Direction

For the better part of my career I have led teams of art directors, graphic designers, web developers, UI/UX professionals, videographers and photographers in creating award winning work.

Xcel Energy Annual Report

Creative direction and Manager of Art Director who created corporate Annual Report in house.

Xcel Energy Corporate Responsibility Report

Creative direction and Manager of Art Director who created award-winning report in-house.

Hybrid App Development

Provided creative direction, UI and UX support, graphic design assistance for CEO request to generate mobile friendly app to access pertinent data.


Creating and executing a corporate identity is the first step in building a brand. Subsequent documentation and clearly stated guidelines on how the work needs to be executed is a passion of mine and I have created and implemented many over the course of my career.

Full package concept and design

Developed identity system, brand standards, photoshoots, web development and continuing branding support to this amazingly talented hand-made bicycle manufacturer.

Xcel Energy Brand Standards

As Corporate Art Director/Creative Director at Xcel Energy, oversaw the development and implementation of all brand standards for initial brand launch and subsequent ‘refreshes’.

Pro bono Brand Development

Sat on the board of my local swim club and assisted with a complete rebranding of the pool, including logo, website, swim team logo, signage and grounds aesthetics.

Corporate Identity

Let me design an identity package for you. It’s not a ‘logo’, it’s not just any image slapped to your name, a corporate identity takes research, careful examination of media and a whole bunch of exploration to get right. I do the due diligence to execute your corporate identity so it captures what you want people to think.

Identity package

Created for interior design company. Included logo, letterhead, business cards, color scheme and more.

Identity Development

Developed identity for non-profit consulting firm working to increase awareness of grid integrity.

Integration of Logo Redesign

Helped newly rebranded company with color coordination and development of standards of use for all collateral materials.

Collateral Materials

Collateral materials are the heart of any marketing campaign. Whether direct mail, integrated direct mail, flyers, sell sheets or basic informational documents, I have done them all.

Award-winning Campaign

Collaborated with program and project managers to develop a campaign to significantly increase membership.

Award-winning Folder

Created intricate folder with ‘slide-rule’ to help determine affordability of conversion to natural gas.

Xcel Energy Bill Redesign

Spent two years collaborating with billing department, biking developers, branding and marketing to merge in excess of 400 variants of the bill into one cohesive template.


A very different approach to graphic design than collateral materials, advertisement is the quintessential quick communications platform, and requires a very different set of skills to execute accurately.


Aimed at city residents explaining the benefits of the company.

Who pays for what?

Ad describing the costs of getting your electricity delivered to you.

Acoustic Tile Rebates

Yep, that’s right. There’s a  rebate for just about anything out there if you know where to look. Or you could be zen and wait for it to come to you.


Translate the complex business challenges you have into easy-to-understand informational graphics that bring home the point. While there seems to be a glut of people seeking this style of communication, doing it right is an art form I have come to know and appreciate.

Rate Case Infographic

Creating an infographic to simplify the explanation of how rates are made and billed.

Wind Benefits

What does the equivalent of 2 billion kilowatts hours look like?


How does an ethereal theme work its way into a culture?


Whether you need life-like reproductions, line drawings, isometric diagrams, charts and graphs or descriptive imagery, I have illustrated all of the above.

What’s a turbine?

Detailed illustration of the inner workings of a wind turbine.

How do you create cleaner energy?

There’s a lot to it, that can’t really be seen at a glance. Well now it can.

What is responsibility?

This is how you translate an abstract term into an understandable theme that anyone can understand.

Conceptual and 3D media

Tradeshow, architectural and 3 dimensional media are a particular interest of mine because they have the ability of being seen from all angles and are tangible and interactive.

Catch the Sun

Worked closely with Coors Field and Colorado Rockies management to concept, design and execute a massive interactive display at Coors Field to highlight the benefits of solar energy.

Award Winning Design

Collaborated with architects, building and company management to develop and manufacture interactive seating area for corporate headquarters lobby.

Integrated Signage

Designed, developed and created solar powered signage for concept solar testing facility. All companies’ logos are interchangeable and structure emulates location and subject matter.