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I am creative, relentlessly curious, and purpose driven. 

Studies show that we learn and retain information most effectively through visuals. I have always had a fascination for visual trends which has spurred a career in solving communication problems with visual solutions. 

Over the past 20 years, I have become a passionate brand advocate, motivated to find the most effective visual means of enhancing corporate identity. With my strong analytical and strategic mindset I excel at both high-level creative conceptualization and practical execution. Bringing these concepts to fruition has been the result of close collaboration with my clients and trust in my team’s ability to execute specific directives. Equally comfortable with a hands-on approach, I have produced award-winning visuals in print, digital, motion and three-dimensional media. 

I am people-oriented – a quality essential to my work in developing ideas, my efforts to interpret client needs, and my relationships with internal and external clients. I have had the responsibility and pleasure of recruiting and managing internal design professionals as well as third-party design firms. My passion for learning, teaching, motivating and empowering others has inspired efficient, diverse and exceptionally productive teams working under my leadership over the years.

More than two decades of establishing a track record across a variety of industries have shaped who I am today – a creative leader grounded in practical experience.

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